Deirdre Ward raises a freestyle arm to Loch Lomond the day after her swim of the 21.5 mile lake

Deirdre Ward raises a freestyle arm to Loch Lomond the day after her swim of the 21.5 mile lake

Deirdre Ward swims Loch Lomond in ten hours 45 minutes
Wed, 01 Aug 2018, The sunny banks of Loch Lomond

Great swimming Deirdre

Starting at 05:39 this morning, Deirdre Ward swam the 21.5 mile length of Loch Lomond in ten hours 45 minutes. Her support crew was husband Mike Barron, and the swim was piloted by Vigour Events. 

A great great swim Deirdre. Congratulations.

Can one believe Mike serenaded "his true love" Deirdre Ward with his high road singing along these swimming lines. 

The bonny duo recorded the track on the famous Thistle records label here.

With probable thoughts from during the day, here could have been Mike's own words... 

Mike's Swim Diary:

Dear Swimmers,

Since 5:39 am this morning, while Deirdre has been going for a swim, I have been rehearsing my Xmas party piece on location at sunny Loch Lomond.

Start: 05:39

Hour Two:

Ma wee lassie is swimming two hours in and is really enjoying my singing. She has ear plugs in, which means I have to sing louder. 

Let's see if she likes this song, all my other English friends love it. However, I have to admit that the boatman has been looking quite strangely at me. 

Hour Three:

10kms sang in 3 hours and two minutes.

Right, so lets give you an update. We started from Balloch at the south end of Loch Lomond, and after three hours, my Balloch's view has receded. I'm worried, as Deirdre keeps turning the other ear to my singing. Let's see if thistle do for Deirdre. You can all join in now. 

Hour Three and a Half:

Thinking Of Rob Fisher and Volker at the Serpentine, so this song by Männerchor des Camerloher-Gymnasiums Freising is for them   If you think my singing is tripe, then blame it on the haggis. 

Now that I'm in my prime, I just hope I don't lose the support of the common room.

Back to the swim, I did a test with Deirdre to see if she could spot the difference in themes between the photos, and why some of the people's hairstyles might look like a cross between that of a Shetland Pony and a Bay City Roller. More later.

Hour Four:

Finding accommodation here was difficult, but then we met this nice guy Ewan who showed us around. 

Back to the swim, Deirdre was soggy, like cold porridge, so I had to motivate her. Here's a link to my speech to warm her inner fire

Hour Five (or is it more or less than that? Must pay attention in class):

My Girl is going great guns, reminds me of my mate Gregory's Girl.

Hour Six:

20kms of singing in six hours and seven minutes, this is going absolutely singingly. It's barely halfway, so I cant really say it's safely under loch and quay can I?

Hour Seven: 

Hasty weesty, tasty feasty. Lunch for me Deirdre ate 25kms in seven hours and 39 minutes.

Hour Eight:

Free time.

Hour Nine:

30kms in nine hours and 15 minutes, by Deirdre, and me with barely getting wet. We are a great team.




(Thanks for the updates Mike)

Yours swimmingly

[John Tierney]