Cedric Guyot winner of the Jock Fee Trophy

Cedric Guyot winner of the Jock Fee Trophy

Cedric swims faster than his Guyot teens
Sat, 16 Jun 2018, Serpentine SC

Chapeau Cedric

Cedric swam faster than any of his family's Guyot teenagers to win the 880 Yard race on Saturday. Congrats to Cedric on being the latest winner of the Jock Fee trophy, and thanks to George and Catherine for kindly sponsoring the prizes for Jock Fee trophy.   

Cedric wins

Previous Winners of Jock Fee Trophy

1984 Kelly Bob
1985 Larrad Peter
1986 Wood Cyril
1987 Olizar Mike
1988 Fuller Andrew
1989 M. Small
1990 A. Woodward
1991 Jones Norman
1992 Phipps Bill
1993 Larrad Peter
1994 P. Latto
1995 P. Parsons
1996 Wood Cyril
1997 Thomas Brian
1998 Phipps Bill
1999 Carter Eric
2000 Lacy Alan
2001 Whittam Ron
2002 Ranson Geoff
2003 Moffat Laura
2004 Deeley Bill
2005 C. Taylor
2006 M. Zhou
2007 Gerald Ted
2008 Whittam Ron
2009 Cuthbert Tony
2010 Birchenough Zoe
2011 Fuller Andrew
2012 Carter Eric
2013 Newing Rod
2014 Eric Carter
2015 F. Spencer
2018 Cedric Guyot

[John Tierney]

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