Club President Norm Jones wins Ron the Con Memorial Trophy

Club President Norm Jones wins Ron the Con Memorial Trophy

Ron Race set a President for Eric and now it is the Norm
Wed, 16 May 2018, Serpentine SC

A complete fascinator for a pair of nice precedents

Huge thanks to Kirstie Neilson and Mary Olivetti, sorry that's a typo, I meant Olivari, for sponsoring and presenting the prizes for the memorial trophy race in memory of Ron 'The Con' Whittam.

Ron, a popular and characterful club member, who was liked throughout the club, passed in what seems like yesterday. More about Ron here

The race over 440 yards, was won by the evergreen former club president, President Norm Jones. And Lorraine, Norm's wife and still our club's First Lady, was not too far away either. 

Keeping up with the Jones, or more like trying to do so, were James Norton, Jo Upton and Anne Mannix.

It was Eric Carter who set the Presidential precedent of winning Ron's race. The engaging, popular and always smiling former Club Presidents now include Eric and Norm.

Ron would smile at both chirpy, friendly, and always kind Presidents winning his race. And were Ron alive today, he would arrive smartly dressed, and be one of the first to celebrate the wedding sparkle of Meghan and Prince Harry this coming Saturday.

Cap that I say. 

Yours swimmingly

[Words John Tierney]

[Photos Mike Harris]

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