Saundra with Cameron

Saundra with Cameron

Serpies worry if Prince William will be a helicopter parent
Mon, 23 Apr 2018, Breaking waters near Kensington Palace

Sandra presents trophy to Cameron

A Nebuchadnezzar-sized spray of sunshine greeted Saundra and all the Serpentine swimmers who took part in Saturday's wonderful race in memory of the always bubbly Tony Cuthbert. There was delight for the Kelly family, with Cameron winning the 440 yard race.

Our thoughts are with the Kelly family whose Mum passed recently, and also with Saundra who was here to support the race run in memory of her inimitable and encouragably delightful Tony Cuthbert.

Thank you Saundra for your kindness with the great prizes.

It proved to be a busy week, because Serpentine swimmers were not the only users of the Royal Parks to be breaking the waters, so to speak. The days surrounding the race uncorked good news with the Royals William and Kate providing yet one more to bubble higher up the line to the throne.

Now we are assured the baby is healthy, surely Kate's concern - and ours - for her three kids, is whether Prince William will be a helicopter parent. I can't see that thought taking off anytime soon. Premier cru indeed, but what will the babies name be? Memorable romantic location, thoughts of the times, or perhaps something great? If these are the general sources for names, then the odds for Brooklyn falls flat, and Brexit... well never say never. If these names have already corked, how about Alexander?

Of course, our resident pundit followed the lines of William being an excellent swimmer, and that maybe the Prince could be called Louis Arm Strong, or Like Dauphin in Water. Always one to crest a wave. We subsequently discovered that it was named Louis Arthur Charles. 

Enough of babies, and that includes the baby boy of the Kelly family who won the 440 yard race. Cameron Nicked first place ahead of Nick. An unfortunate mid race head clash between Nick and Boris left one of them feeling more Brut. No time for sour grapes though they might have had the pips at the time. Just like room temperature, the water was a bit chilly, so really useful to have Anita nearby, she finished in third place ahead of Mark J. 

Thanks to Mike Harris for the photos.

Yours swimmingly

John Tierney

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