Junk Food

Junk Food

Dirty rotten stinking disgusting Game of Throwns
Sun, 22 Apr 2018, The Narrow Sea of the Serpentine

World Earth Day happenings

World Earth day 2018 happened not quite across the Narrow Sea, but across the waters of the narrow Serpentine where we do our swimming. 

One of the photos is of a tribute to Dali with Swans reflecting effluence. 

Earth Day 2018 was a failure in that we achieved what we set out to do - and that was collect plastic and other rubbish in the Serpentine. Is this a never ending game, where people throw stuff and we retrieve it? 

Earth Day 2018 was a success in that on both Saturday and Sunday, Serpentine swimmers outdid themselves and showed off their diving skills to wipe the lake's bottom. Some found the experience so rewarding and addictive the they went back for seconds and thirds.

Honestly, it was wonderful to see so many swimmers engaged and happy to do their part to clean up the lake.

The 2018 loot was placed in plastic - ironically - mesh sacks and included:

632 plastic cups

20 soda metal cans, including Red Bull and always Coca Cola

13 dog balls

12 glass bottles

11 porcelain mugs & cups 

10 plastic bottles

2 porcelain saucers

2 male underwear

2 pairs of swimming goggles

1 tall glass

1 wine glass

1 terra cotta vase

1 swimming fin

1 jumper size XL

1 metal fork

1 kitchen baking tray

1 frisbee

1 playmobil boat (part)

1 fishing net with 12 dead fish + 2 live fish released in the water successfully

1 square metal bin

Food wrappers

Plastic bags

Plastic lids & food cups

In a fortunate twist of fate, some of these items are finding a second life. The porcelain mugs and cups have been machine-washed and have joined the ranks of our tea cabinet. The terra cotta vase will be painted by Topo for a personal project. The dirty underwear have been washed and are now part of the lost & found as emergency garments. Wait, that one’s a joke! All the rest is true.
Hip hip hurray for the wonderful Serpie spirit and all swimmers who celebrated Earth Day 2018 in nature-loving style!

Text [Laure Latham]

Photos [Laure Latham & Anthony Wood for underwater photos]

Other stuff [John Tierney]