Swimmers are from everywhere

Swimmers are from everywhere

Toot if you are a swimmer
Sun, 11 Mar 2018, A long time ago in a swimming pool far far away

There was a gala involving a galaxy of swimming stars

who were competing for Planet Serpentine SC against Tooting Bec, a smaller planet that gravitates around the best swimming lake in Britain, and some other newer planets.

The contest's aim was for all swim vogons to meet at the restaurant at the end of the swimming universe. Why? Well there would be 42 reasons for that, but here is Rosemary Lewis with more Inter Gala-ctic news on the ehmm, gala.  

Serps shifted their vector to Tooting Bec Lido for the Cold Water Swimming Gala on Sunday 11 March. With water temperature at 5 degrees, the Serps team raced in 16 events, competing against our friendly rivals and gracious hosts SLSC, Brockwell and the winning team, Out to Swim.

Great efforts and constant camaraderie from the enthusiastic and generous Serps who swam within the mark of decency in terms of speed and space suits.  Big congrats to the Over 180 Front Crawl and Over 180 Medley Teams who won their races (Judith, Mark, Nick H, Matt J, Rob O, Mike H).
This confirms the sporting maxim that if you are old enough, you are good enough.
Big thanks to Deirdre for organising, and with SLSC for the journey, we are your friends.

[Text Rosemary Lewis]

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