A Spring in Fischel Bocks stride

A Spring in Fischel Bocks stride

Spring Bock Victory
Sat, 10 Feb 2018, Serpentine Swimming Club

Jacqui wins series

With five wins, and husband Henry exiting the water in her wake, Jacqui Fischel Bock happily secured the Mike Small series with the second trophy win of her Serpentine swimming career. The win gave Jacqui a real spring in her stride. 

Jan Farmer was second overall, with Tim Oughton third, and Shelley Anne Claircourt fourth.

Thanks to Bill Deeley for presenting the prizes.

And Happy Birthday to Benedict Bowman, the brightest six year-old at the swimming club.

Previous winnners of Mike Small trophy.

1994 A. Woodward
1995 Wood Cyril
1996 Thomas Brian
1997 Deeley Bill
1998 Titmuss Alan
1999 N. Saxby
2000 Nash Alan
2001 G. Williams
2002 Satterlee Saundra
2003 Jones Norman
2004 Reid Yoko
2005 Reid John
2006 Hunter Robin
2007 Reid John
2008 Ranson Geoff
2009 Baker Sam
2010 Deeley Bill
2011 Turner Haydn
2012 Whittam Ron
2013 Harling Leanne
2014 Johnson Angela
2015 Gordon Brodie
2016 Angela Johnson
2017 Ivan Jones
2018 Jacqui Fischel Bock

[John T.]