Nick Hungerford receives trophy from Dani Lobo and Robin

Nick Hungerford receives trophy from Dani Lobo and Robin

Nick Hungerford wins Ultimate Combative Trophy
Sat, 16 Dec 2017, Serpentine SC

Ozz Battler for a reason

Congratulations to Nick Hungerford for winning the trophy for being the most combative swimmer of the club for 2017. Note this is not an award for pugilism, but for the swimmer who constantly made their best efforts in each weekly swimming race regardless of their race-day handicap. 

Dani Lobo presented "The Handicapper's Award for the Most Combative Swimmer of the Year." to Nick, whose Twitter handle is appropriately "Ozz Battler".

Huge thank you to Rory Cullinan who has been a complete diamond for donating the trophy, and for Dani Lobo, our club handicapper, for sponsoring today's award.

Back to the long series of races for the Winter Series which continued today, with the final race being next Saturday 23 December.

It is worth pointing out that today some swimmers looked really great in the water today, and without naming names, Gordon Brodie,  Jackie Fischel Bock and Henry Fischel Boch, Ivy Tiam and Volker Koch were some swimmers who really looked impressive in the very cold and tough conditions.

Although not all the great swimmers were here this morning, it should be added that Mary Olivari, Paddy Boyce, Tori Thorpe & Johnny were greatly missed and also Robin Hunter Coddington who didn't actually swim, but you can always expect his normal fine standard of racing.  

Yours swimmingly

John Tierney