Serpentine SC English Channel Relay start at Dover

Serpentine SC English Channel Relay start at Dover

The Winter Serious
Sat, 02 Dec 2017, English Channel

Honestly Relay Truly a Channel swim to France in December

Our Saturday swimmers focussed on the Winter Series at the Serpentine, while also sending good luck wishes to some Serpentine SC members who successfully swam from England to France on Saturday 2 December 2017, Air 6C, Water 9C. Sunrise 07:39 and sunset 15:50.

The swim was completed in 13 hours and 18 minutes.

The swim included eight hours of daylight swimming in the sea, the remainder... you do the math, in darkness. 

The six swimmers who took on the challenge included Deirdre Ward, Boris Mavra, Kevin Blick, Mark Johanssen, Dani Lobo and Rob Ouldcott (Anita Goyos reserve.) 

You can check their progress here by looking for the boat 'Sea Satin' on 2 Dec date.

Lili Ouldcott did note that her barely teenage six-swimmer relay team of 2013, swam faster than her Dad Rob's team managed yesterday. Link here

Let's see what the January sails bring.

[John Tierney]