Three Little Words
Sat, 04 Nov 2017, Serpentine swimming club

The Winter Series

For Serpentine Swimming Club members, “the Winter Series” can be regarded as three lovely words. Open water swimming. In cold water. Says it all. Let me explain.

The other day, a great friend of mine emailed me, and beneath his signature, he included a unique three word address for where he lives. No post code. Just three words.

It’s all very well if you live in an area with post codes, zip codes and the like, but what about the parts of your world that don’t have a post code? Like the vegetable plot at the end of your garden, or somewhere more remote? Or more relevantly, something more meaningfully personal? 

Well, some people with too many brain cells subdivided the globe into three meter squared grids, and gave each of them an individual label which consists of just three words. But who would use these systems that dont require users to understand latitude longitude? Taxi drivers, drone delivery folk, explorers, and ironically, maybe.even.swimmers could benefit from these platitudes. 

Take Serpentine.Swimming.Club for an example, those three words are associated with where we swim all year round in London’s Hyde Park, but those three words are also an exact and individual location of a three metre square in the North Pacific Ocean, halfway between Japan and Alaska. 

Using the same dogged logic, finding the boards at Serps becomes possible by going to barks.jabs.treat   
And if you tapped in gums.lungs.hello on the What Three Words website where could that possibly be?  

I digress, the Winter Series has commenced, and it will be a long time before we have a winner. Until then, what would be the first three words to drop into your mind? I've three little words for you... 

I Love you.

John Tierney