Traditional celebration on completion of the Iberian Peppery Pig Six

Traditional celebration on completion of the Iberian Peppery Pig Six

First swimmer to complete the Iberian Peppery Pig Six dream
Sun, 15 Oct 2017, Six Places

Iberian Dani Lobo swims the Peppery Pig Six and the English Channel again

Congratulations to Dani Lobo for his completion of the “Iberian Peppery Pig Six” a series of six different and challenging ultra marathon swims. 
The feat involves completion of six swims, one near the islands off Catalonia, Spain to Africa, England to France, Catalina island off California, landlocked Lake Zurich, and the moated island of Manhattan.

The Iberian pig is a rare animal whose origins can be traced back to Neolithic times. The first Iberian pigs were brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Phoenicians from the Eastern Levant. The Iberian pig’s habits contributes decisively to the preservation of the Spanish woodland ecosystem. And for this reason, their presence is much prized in Spain. The finest Spanish ham, and one of the world's tastiest, is called ‘jamón ibérico de bellota’ (acorn), the favoured food of the Iberian pig.

It is true that mighty oaks grow from little acorns, and so, it is a privilege to bestow on Daniel Martinez Lobo, the honour of being the first open water swimmer to achieve the Iberian Six-Legged Peppery Pig dream. The pig homage is obvious, as Iberian Dani frequently trains in the Serpentine while wearing his Peppa Pig swimming cap.

Details of the challenging six-legged swims are below 

1) Neda el Món - 22.3 km Illes Formigues - Illes Medes (Medes to Formigues Islands swim in Catalonia, Spain in 8 hours 9 minutes 25 June 2013

2) Strait of Gibraltar - 7 hours 9 minutes on 20 October 2013

3) English Channel (E/F)- 14 hours 43 minutes on 20 August 2014

4) Catalina Channel - 14 hours 8 minutes and 45 seconds on 15 October 2015

5) Lake Zurich- 10 hours and 22 minutes on 7 August 2016

6) 20 Bridges (Lap of Manhattan Island 8:11:41 on 1 October 2016

For some extra spice and congratulations, Dani also swam the English Channel for a second time this summer. (E/F)- 19 hours 38 minutes on 13 August 2017.

Although Iberia's finest open water swimmer has an affinity for swimming in Irish (Hibernian) Atlantic waters, note that there is no definite connection between Hibernia and Iberia. 

Hibernia was the Latin name for Ireland and Iberia one of the multiple names for the Iberian peninsula. This name came from "Iber", the Ebro river, that runs from Cantabria to Catalonia.
Iberia comes from the Greek Ιβηρ?α (Ib?ría), after the people that lived there at the time, and who spoke a non-Indo-European language. Hibernia comes from ??ρνη (Iérn?), from the Celtic word the locals used to call the land (and from which the word Éire derived).
Experts say that it’s all about the route they took to migrate to the British and Irish Isles after the last Ice age. Iberians cane by way of the Mediterranean and the Hibernians travelled along the North of Europe, but none swam as much as Dani Lobo.

Photos: S. Wine

Text: John Tierney