Happy Days for family and friends of Andrew and Ron Miller

Happy Days for family and friends of Andrew and Ron Miller

Two Ronnies a good race for her and a good race for him
Sat, 14 Oct 2017, Serpentine SC

Dutch Treat for Tim with a cast iron win

Huge thanks to Lorraine and Norm Jones for sponsoring the Two Ronnies Lucky Dip race on Saturday. And with their lovely rpizes, why you just couldn't go Ron.

Not just a day of memories for the two Rons, but also for Andrew Miller, Ron’s son not iron-ically. All three had great connections with the famous London region known as ‘Albertopolis’, that triangular zone between the Serpentine, Albert Hall and Imperial College. These days, that link is shared by Norm Jones a swim coach of Imperial standards, and all Serpentine Swimmers.


Let's Ge Ron with the story.

The Rons - Miller and Hamill - and Andrew had local connections to Imperial College and the Royal Albert Hall. 

Albertopolis was the moniker for the zone that includes the Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College, and was purchased from the profits  made from the Great Exhibition which was held on the shores of the Serpentine in 1851. Albertopolis was a satirical reference to Prince Albert’s influential role in Victorian cultural life.

In 1869, the glazed-iron roof of the Royal Albert Hall was at the time of building, the largest unsupported dome in the world. Ron Hamill worked as a commissionaire at the Royal Albert Hall and thanks to him and the occasional returned ticket, Serps members often enjoyed an unexpected night out. Both Rons and Andrew were also regular visitors to Imperial College, mostly entering this fine seat of learning through the swimming pool and gymnasium doors. 

Ron Miller was a plumber by trade, and in his early years he toured Britain as a gymnast and photographs show him at the peak of various towers during displays of fearless agility. 

Both Rons were incorrigible characters, and it could be said that Ron Millar liked a drink, and once retired, they worked as lifeguards at Imperial College’s Sports Centre.

Andrew Miller, Ron’s son, followed in his Dad’s footsteps with his practical skills on the work front. He loved the fresh air of the Serps and the freedom of open water swimming. He spent his time swimming and keeping the two Rons supplied with endless cups of tea. He would look on at times and wonder who was the oldest of the three of them.

One day as Ron Hamill exited Serps’ waters, he collapsed and stopped breathing. Ron Miller put his lifesaving skills to the test and administered CPR. He succeeded in getting him breathing again and after spending a few weeks in hospital Ron Hamill made a good recovery from his near coma status and went on to enjoy a few more years of swimming. 

Ron Miller died of cancer, and Andrew Miller tragically drowned while swimming in the sea off Brighton. Andrew loved his Norton Commando motorbike.

All three were great contributors to Serpentine SC, and it is our loss. It was a pleasure that the family legacy continues as Ron’s daughter Rachel was present. Suffice to say, that the Rons made Alan Titmuss and Bill Phipps seem like quiet reserved chaps.

And the Lucky Bag race proved a Dutch treat for Tim who from his lucky dip, he won the trophy as the outright winner over the 200 metre race. 
Cameron was second overall, Henry third, George 4th, Ros 5th, Leanne 6th, Laure 7th, Alice 8th, Alan Mitchell 9th fresh from being a grandad this week, and me (John T) 10th. 

Norm and LaRon add "a real (hatful) of background information, and at least ten people went home with cap in hand, although hopefully they could afford a little breakfast."

Yes it was a good race him and it was a good race for Ron.

(Mike Harris Photos, John Tierney Go Ron too long)

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