Amazing outfits for All Clothes Race
Sat, 16 Sep 2017

Gordon wins All Clothes Race and William Luckhurst the Cygnets Race

The eternally young but not Peter Panic Gordon Brodie was heroic in winning the All Clothes Race on Saturday. It was 13 years earlier when Gordon previously won the All Clothes race.

Hurrah for William Luckhurst who won the Cygnets race. 


Previous Winners of Cygnets Race

2016 Felicity Challinor
2017 William Luckhurst


Previous Winners of All Clothes Race Results

1998 Thomas Brian
1999 Titmuss Alan
2000 Thomas Brian
2001 Nash Alan
2002 Cuthbert Tony
2003 M. Fleet
2004 Brodie Gordon
2005 W. Alberti
2006 Du Cane Leslie
2007 Whittam Ron
2008 Cooper Paul
2009 Mavra Boris
2010 Whittam Ron
2011 Farmer Jan
2012 Phipps Theresa
2013 Hughes Chris
2014 Andrea Talkenberg
2017 Gordon Brody