Nick Adams on Suva after his successful English Channel solo swim

Nick Adams on Suva after his successful English Channel solo swim

A Baker's Dozen of English Channel Swims for Nick Adams
Mon, 28 Aug 2017, English Channel

Nothing great is Easy even after all these successes

Nick, who again had all the right ingredients for his swim, had previously completed his 12th swim in July 2016, was escorted by Neil Streeter the boat pilot of Suva. Nick was also catered for by a trusty blend of friends, Hector from Eton and Serpentine swimmers Katie Berlyn Holmes also garnished with Rosemary Lewis

Rosemary writes as follows: Nick set off on his swim exuding a sense of being cool, calm and prepared; and despite the choppy water and probable race day nerves, Nick jumped in with ease, so much so his approach made it seem almost like he was popping down to the corner shop, making us seemingly forget what lay before Nick as he unquestionably conquered the Channel (again!).

Nick's enviable focus, determination and strength stood him well as he soared across the channel. The Maxi Pitstops were indeed a simple eight second hydration refuel, purposeful with little chit chat, buoying us with confidence of him showing no signs of fatigue.

The conditions were quite lumpy for a solo swim, and Nick’s wife Sakura stayed at home to look after the success of their recent bun-in-the-oven baby Chloe Minami (beautiful wave) Adams, who took the swim in her stride. Indeed, Sakura had completed her 27km Zurich swim a week earlier, making it look like a Swiss roll in the park. It wasn’t though, it was a tough fresh water triple marathon.

Katie added:Much skill it took for us crew members to stay onboard and also administer feeds in such a rocky boat. We saw dolphins and as we approached the rocky French shore a friendly seal popped up to cheer Nick on. Seal of approval I’d say. Watching Nick swim the Channel was an incredible experience, he is an unwavering, swimming machine. He just (in his own words) - 'gets on with it'.

Nick was also swimming at the same time as his Spanish paella Dani Lobo, who was going for his second solo swim of the English Channel. Thankfully, neither of them overcooked their efforts. 

Both Nick and Dani had a lot in common with Jamie Oliver, especially when it came to their own light drizzles, an essential ingredient of channel swimming. It may seem half-baked, but when the swimmer stops drizzling, the swim can also be brought to a halt.

 While Nick swam with consomméd ease in 12 hours and 56 minutes, Dani continued to baste himself in Channel brine for another six hours and 42 minutes. And on reaching France, the proof was in the pudding as both swimmers had added another Dover sole to their repertoire.

Words: Rosemary Lewis & Katie Berlyn Holmes

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