Suzanne Langdon

Suzanne Langdon

Suzanne Langdon English Channel Solo Swimmer
Sat, 26 Aug 2017, English Channel

Nothing Great Is Easy

Today Serpentine swimmer Suzanne Langdon became an English Channel solo swimmer when she swam from England to France in 16 hours and 49 minutes.

Congratulations to Suzanne. Her team included Sea Leopard pilot Stuart Gleeson, and Rob Ouldcott of Serps. By a great coincidence, Suzanne finished at the same time as Julian Critchlow, the swimmer who collates all the Channel Swimmer's data. Memorable times.

Suzanne writes as follows: 

That was SO hard but I'm incredibly happy to be able to say that after a gruelling 16hrs 49mins I am a Channel Swimmer. It was a tricky first five or six hours, struggling to navigate to the boat in the dark and with an unhappy tummy that decided the carbohydrate drink used the whole way through training without issue was no longer acceptable.

I perked up when the crew cleverly switched to Earl Grey, marshmallows and Jaffa cakes and a wonderfully British approach - if in doubt, have a cup of tea! Sports science at its best!

We were heading for Cap Gris Nez which is the shortest route but it was a strong spring tide and following a successful 'give it all you've got' push for an hour to bring us on target I was then running on empty and didn't have the final bit of oomph needed to punch through the last bit of the tide as it turned. This added 3-4 extra hours to the swim with another more medium sized push needed later on to land further along the coast.

I do not know where I found the strength to complete that swim but needless to say I couldn't have done it without a skilled pilot Stuart Gleeson, a fantastic support crew made up of my incredibly understanding boyfriend Corra, sister Liane and brother-in-law Tom, and my dear dear friend Rob who got me into this whole ridiculous mess in the first place. I placed absolute trust in him and did what I was told, and his knowledge and commitment to my success was critical to the outcome of this swim.

Of course I must mention the great training group headed up by the marvellous Emma France and my technique coach Ray Gibbs - thanks to these guys I knew had a successful swim in me somewhere. My swimming buddies that I've been splashing up and down with for hour upon hour nearly every weekend since the beginning of May and from the Swimquest Formentera training camp in April were in my heart the whole way. So much of that swim was for them. I have no idea why I'm awake so early but I can report that absolutely EVERYTHING hurts! Thanks everyone for all your support along the way and for the donations to RNL.


Brillint swimming Suzanne. 

[John T]