Vanessa and Boris Mavra

Vanessa and Boris Mavra

Vanessa and Boris have Marital Bliss in the English Channel
Sat, 26 Aug 2017, English Channel

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mavra on successfully swimming a two swimmer relay to France

Mr and Mrs CS&PF Chairman deserve huge congratulations for their successful swim together in their two-swimmer relay across the English Channel today. 

Boris, the Chairman of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation and his wife Vanessa successfully swam to France in 14 hours and 44 minutes. 

Ace pilot, Paul Foreman was at the helm as he guided them to France. There was also support from two Serpentine swimmers; the indefatigable Liz Hurst and Linda Paxton.

Very few people do two swimmer relays. A two swimmer relay is as difficult if not more so than doing a solo swim. Each time the swimmer exits the water, there is barely time to eat, try and get warm and then get back into the water. 

Chapeau to Vanessa and Boris who named their relay "Marital Bliss" and all day they were in close proximity to each other, with very little conversation, doing what they love. Yeah, swimming. Marital Bliss indeed. 

And as one pundit emailed me, "how did they get through the Separation Zone in the Channel."


Photo: Liz or Linda

Words John Tierney