Kat Jungnickel

Kat Jungnickel

The Kat that had the cream
Sat, 19 Aug 2017, Serpentine SC

No catching a Kat who can swim well

She was clearly the Cat's Whiskers on Saturday, our Kat Jungnickel. And lucky us that when Kat is not winning National Penny farthing races, or having a travelling adventure, she joins in on the Saturday fun.

This time Kat, once a former U-14 national Australian breastroke champ, won arguably the toughest race of her career when she defeated all to win the race at the Serpentine. Kat swam beautifully, and her engine purred precisely as she silently raced to the front of the field.

There were a catalogue of reasons why the other swimmers finished behind Kat, but when it comes to Kat herding, she is definitely the best listener. When asked how was the race for her, Kat replied "I'm feline fine."

Purrfect. Amicing.

[Kat's Naps: Fiona Campbell]

[Purreds: John Tierney]

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