Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George

Another perfect canvas for Gilbert and George at the Serpentine
Sat, 29 Jul 2017, Serpentine SC

Double bubble for Gilbert as she takes George home

With swims at Lake Annecy and the River Nene coming up, it seems that everyone this week has to choose sides; it’s either Surrey or Middlesex, Charles or Diana, skins or rubber, Annecy or Nene, and on and on. 

Saturday was also a day for doubles and pairs, with Gilbert teaming up with George for the second time, and Robin and Rosie doing a post swim double act. 

Congratulations to Mary Gilbert, who, for the second time, took home the Laura George Memorial Trophy, for winning the one mile and one metre race, which was presented and sponsored by the eminent swimmer Rosie George. To win a swimming trophy twice is indeed a Serpentine work of art.

To say that Robin didn’t have time to mention all of Rosie’s achievements might perhaps be why our Club President, who completed an English Channel relay in his early 70’s, emailed Rosie’s incredible swimming resume to the group. Needless to say, Rosie’s achievements are included here below. 

Today’s race featured many races within races; Jesse Kelly set off as fast as he could, but this being shark week, he had a sticky shadow on his hip for most of the journey in the shape of Nick Adams.

Nick wasn’t the only crafty drafter. Volker Koch hitched a ride off my less speedy wings for three laps, and somehow Volker found extra speed from his gearbox to shift away from me on the final lap. Given Volker did all the sighting for me one summer in Dover, then I suppose it’s fair. Ros Young swam breastroke on the last lap, and she has an excellent kick, especially while I was coming round the last marker buoy.

Mary eased home, and Nick sailed past Jesse for second and third. After that, I think Fiona Campbell was fourth, but can’t be sure. Anyway, it was a fine social swim on sunny day.

Monster congratulations to Phil Hodges, as he smashed a one length swim of Loch Ness (36kms) earlier in the week. 

Good luck to those who are travelling next weekend to various swim spots; Sakura will ‘do’ Zurich (27kms) , a lunch of Serpies will take on Lake Annecy (16kms), and many more will take on the River Nene swim organised by Jeremy and Ingrid Hunter Coddington. The current lumpy weather needs to settle for those awaiting their respective English Channel swims.

Thanks to Ingrid Hunter Coddington, Fiona Campbell and Mike Harris for photos.

Yours swimmingly
John Tierney

@swimming dragons 

Rosie George Swim History (note excludes 2017 swims)

1955 First encounter with the English Channel. Went on the boat of Egyptian swimmer Abdel Latif Abu Heif, who swam France to England. I was totally hooked from that experience. Abu Heif was subsequently named marathon swimmer of the century.

1956 Southsea to Ryde (Isle of Wight) - 18 miles 9h15m

1957 Donegal Bay to Tullymore to Bundoran -12 miles 7 hrs?

1959 Firth of Forth 12 miles 8 hrs?

1960 England to France. Failed by 400 yards

1961 England to France 21h35m

1962 Capri to Naples 18 miles 11hrs

Lake Chrid (Yugoslavia) 44 kms

1963 Capri to Naples 11 hrs

Suez Canal Kabreit to Ismailier 44 kms

Lake Chrid 44 kms

1964 Capri to Naples 18 miles (did not finish)

Alexandria Circuit 40 kms

Alexandria 44 kms

Suez CanalSyria Jeble to Latakia 44 kms

1965 Syria Jeble to Latakia

Egypt Alexandria circuit

1967 France to England 17h50m (trained in the Serpentine)

2004 Inducted into International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale



1993 Fahy Justin
1994 A. Woodward
1995 Saunders Peter
1996 A. Woodward
1997 Carter Eric
1998 Y. Saruhashi
1999 Ranson Geoff
2000 Jones Norman
2001 Stuttard Ian
2002 W. Alberti
2003 Price Neil
2004 Price Neil
2005 Jones Norman
2006 Titmuss Alan
2007 Deeley Andrew
2008 Hunte Emmi
2009 Buurman Andrew
2010 Dunn Matt
2011 Ferguson Will
2012 Wynn Michael
2013 Gilbert Mary
2014 Brian Thomas
2015 Ottavia Williams
2016 Ottavia Williams
2017 Mary Gilbert