Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

Kelly makes it a family affair with Hester as Fisher chooses Murder on the Serpentine
Sat, 22 Jul 2017, Serpentine SC

The days when Eric Carter used to win all the prizes at the Club are a fading memory, so all hail the Kelly family who will be applying for a house extension to add the latest Serpentine swimming club trophy to their cabinet.

On this occasion, it was neither nor Jesse, nor Cameron, but Sean Kelly who won the silverware for the Arthur Hester 1889 Memorial Race.


The triumphant and delighted Sean was followed home by Sarah, then (? a very fast finisher), Vanessa, Dave, and Robert.

There was a wonderful selection of prizes including vintage Serpentine-related prints and Champagne, all donated by Arthur’s great great grandson Bob Baxter. Rob Fisher chose 'Murder on the Serpentine' as his prize - a royal murder mystery, and not a whine at handicapping by a club member.

Bob also brought in Arthur’s 1889 Gold Medal for winning the Christmas Day Race. Note to Robin, can that tradition be reinstated?

Congratulations to the Channel Relay Team “In The Duck Poo”, Rose, Sarah, David, Graham and Craig for their 14 Hr 46 min successful five swimmer relay crossing of the English Channel last Saturday.

Also in July, Deirdre Ward swam a successful arm and a leg of a relay swim to France.

Congratulations to Anita Goyas for her success on 8 July: she completed a one-way solo swim across the English Channel in 11:58, with pilot Eddie Spelling. Well done Anita!

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[Pictures Mike Harris]

[Words John Tierney]