Me at the start

Me at the start

JOG Swim Bike Tow END
Wed, 05 Jul 2017, Scotland

A letter probably from Rob on his way south

Dear Diary,
It’s only been a few days since parting, but I wonder how my friends at the Serpentine think I’m doing as I do my "JOG swim bike tow END" across the UK? Yes, it’s a funny triathlon that I devised, “JOG” that means start at John O’Groats and from there I will swim, cycle, tow my bike in a giant rubber inflatable device all the way to the end, Land’s End, get it?

I miss my wife Sarah, but am grateful that when I told her of my idea to sleep outdoors in a hammock all the way, that she encouraged me to sleep in the garden for the last three months. Now I know why she is called ‘Er Indoors’. I'll be home soon, I promise. And Lily and Josh will be missing the musical notes of their Dad singing at home. Bliss I tell ya. 

Scotland really is beautiful, and speaking of music, do you remember the Bay City Rollers? Well I do. Massive they were. That Allison Pearson was harsh when she described Nicola Sturgeon as “the love-child of a Bay City Roller and a Shetland Pony” Note to self, I must contact the Scottish branch of the RSPCA. 

So, what am I going to eat? Yes, I’ve no cooker, so it’s going to be raw food all the way. Yep, uncooked Mars bars for me. How I envy my friends Slimline Stu Bowman and John Tierney who can eat anything without it affecting their figure. I guess I just can't be like that.

Mustn't grumble, and be more creative. So, here is a question for you all… what name should I give my bicycle and also my blow up inflatable which I will use to tow my bicycle when I swim across waters that cross my path to the “END” ?

Love from your Rob

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