Still too much ice to race
Sat, 28 Jan 2017, A liberal spreading of icing on the cake

Sadly no racing

As the end of January is nigh, let’s hope that all types of influenza are a distant memory; namely, boy flu, man flu, and the most noble of all, what I call ‘Royal Flu’ which has impacted many.

Saturday’s swimming was more about putting the icing on the cake, than it was breaking the icing on the lake. And the only cuts of concern were the ones which Dani Lobo made into his two birthday cakes. That’s right two cakes, one to celebrate each 21 and a half years of his life, lovingly made gluten free by Laure Latham and Volker Koch. 

And facing a number our handicapper cannot reduce or adjust for speed, he must have been happy with the friendly treats. 

Happy birthday dear Dani. 

I digress, in the water Dave McGregor triple dipped, hardiness prevailed. 

Yours swimmingly

[John Tierney]

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