Deirdre Ward completed a two way swim of the English Channel

Deirdre Ward completed a two way swim of the English Channel

Deirdre Ward is the 16th woman ever to complete a two way solo swim of the English Channel
Wed, 24 Aug 2016, English Channel

A heroic swim on a famous day for English Channel swimmers

Congratulations to Deirdre Ward who swam from England to France and back to England in 27 hours 52 minutes 55 secs on 24 August 2016. 

Deirdre's swim is the 43rd two-way swim of the English Channel; she is the 16th woman of 30 swimmers to achieve this distinction. 14 men have completed the same feat.

Deirdre reached France in 13 hours 15 minutes and 47 seconds. Her return leg was completed in 14 hours 37 minutes and six seconds.

On 24 August 1875, Captain Matthew Webb set off from the Admiralty Pier at Dover to become the first person to swim the English Channel.

In July 2012, Deirdre reached France in 14 hours 30 minutes for her first solo swim to France.In July 2015, Deirdre reached France in 15 hours 31 minutes and 40 seconds for her second solo swim to France.
A brilliant achievement by Deirdre, who was supported on the boat by her husband Mike Barron, and Mark Fabik and Nick Adams. Neil Streeter piloted the boat ’Suva’ to France and home again.

Three Serpentine SC members have completed two way swims of the English Channel; Kevin Murphy, Nick Adams and Deirdre Ward.
Congratulations all.

[John Tierney]