route taken by 6 girls and no buoys

route taken by 6 girls and no buoys

Six girls no buoys complete relay swim to France
Sun, 01 Sep 2013, English Channel

Congratulations English Channel Heroes

On 1 September 2013, the relay team of "6 girls and no buoys" successfully swam from Dover to France. The swimmers were all aged 13 and 14 years old.  

Congratulations Lily, Millie, Minnie Maddy Felicity and Ella

The team swam from Dover to France in a time of 13 hours and six minutes.

The time will be officially confirmed at a later date by the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation.

The team have raised close to £14,000 for their school. If you wish to contribute, you can donate here 

We are a London school set up in 1871 with a long tradition of providing excellent education & opportunities for all pupils (including boys in the 6th Form) within the state system. We want to continue to do so in the face of reductions in government funding, prioritising our science labs and ICT.

Congratulations from all your friends at Serpentine SC.

And almost finally, if that is what six girls can achieve in a relay, one wonders how the parents would fare in a six Mums and six Dads coached by six girls? "Bring it on" says Dad Rob. 

The team and Rob Ouldcott their coach, were  guided by 'Anastasia' on their way to France. 

The entertaininTweets from the support crew are worth a read. 

[John Tierney]