Information about the SSC and COVID

The Serpentine Swimming Club is Open 

It is the personal responsibility of all swimmers to look after their safety and ensure that they comply with Government social-distancing regulations relating to the Covid-19 virus.

  • Applications for Membership are currently suspended
  • It remains the case that each individual swims at their own risk and the usual principle will apply in the event that a swimmer is in difficulty: help will be provided if practicable and emergency services contacted as necessary.
  • Now is not the time to start open water swimming if you haven’t done it before.
  • Take care to ensure that you do not spend too long in the water, bearing in mind any loss of conditioning, outdoor changing, lack of hot drinks, and the relatively cool water/weather.
  • Swimmers under the age of 18 are allowed to swim but they must not change inside the club area (please review Under 18 Supervision Ratios below)
  • No guests will be permitted to swim until further notice.
  • Hours of opening  for swimming are from 5am to 9:30am (strict) with everyone clear of the causeway area by 10am at the latest.
  • In order to avoid overcrowding, swimmers are asked to move on once they are out of the water and clear the area as quickly as possible.
  • The full 100m length of the causeway bank as well as the upper terrace will be available for changing.
  • The gates at the far end of the causeway will be closed and the gates near our changing room partially closed (with a sign “SSC members only”), so as to deter members of the public. You may be asked by a committee member to confirm your name so that your membership can be checked.
  • There will be a one-way system for getting in (the jetty and middle ramp) and out (the ramps at each end opposite the showers) of the water.
  • Please try to follow the directional swimming lanes (see map). Swim clockwise.  Please do not swim in groups of more than 2.
  • As showering has minimal effects on the virus, people are encouraged to bring their own alcogel and apply it before and after swimming. 
  • It is recommended that goggles are put on before entering the water and removed before exiting the water, in order to minimise the risk of infection via the eyes. 
  • There is to be no touching of buoys. 
  • Swimmers should bring as little as possible in terms of kit, basically costume, cap and goggles, and not gloves, booties, wetsuits, etc. which would increase the risk of contamination and involve more time getting changed. 
  • There will be no races or changing room facilities. Car parking is available on weekdays only.
  • The effectiveness of these guidelines will be monitored by the committee and any necessary enforcement or changes communicated to the membership.

Alan Mitchell (President) and George Cselko (Secretary) on behalf of the Club Committee.