Club races and records

Club races and records

The swimmers of the Serpentine Swimming Club race every Saturday morning throughout the year, regardless of the weather.  If the lake is frozen we break the ice and still swim.

The races take place at 8am on Saturdays, and are open to paid-up members.

Most races are handicapped by the Hon. Handicapper (Dani Lobo) so that every swimmer has an equal chance of winning.  The slowest swimmers go off first and the faster ones chase after them at various intervals.  Members are only eligible to win prizes after they have participated in at enough races for the handicapper to correctly gauge their swimming ability.  This is at least 3 races, but this does depend on the Hon. Handicapper’s discretion.

There are 5 Championship races per year (55 yards, 110 yards, 220 yards, 440 yards and 880 yards).  In these races all swimmers start the race at the same time and accumulate points towards the Club Championship.  This is awarded to the swimmer with the most points after the final race of the series.  The Championship races are indicated on the race lists by an asterisk. 

Distance Swimmer Time Date
40 Nick Adams 19.4 secs 12th January 2002
55 Nick Adams 26.8 secs 28th February 2004
100 Nick Adams 57.00 secs 25th December 2002
110 Cameron Kelly 1 min 3 secs 15th March 2014
110 (Veterans) Norman Jones 1 min 23 secs 31st May 2002
110 (All clothes) Mark Fleet 2 mins 11 secs 13th September 2003
220 Nick Adams 2 mins 31 secs 24th August 2002
220 (Breast Stroke) Nick Adams 3 mins 23 secs 20th April 2002
3 x 110 Medley Cameron Kelly 4 mins 29 secs 13th August 2011
440 Cameron Kelly 5 mins 11 secs 07th May 2011
880 Cameron Kelly 11 mins 25th June 2011
1,000 Bridge to Bridge Cameron Kelly 12 mins 26 secs 09th July 2011
1,760 (Mile) Cameron Kelly 22 mins 42 secs 16th July 2011
Biathlon (2 mile Run, 440 swim) Andrew Davis (RC) 18 mins 05 Secs 18th September 2004
Biathlon (2 mile Run, 440 swim) Duff Kelly (SC) 19 mins 22 secs 18th September 2004