159th Annual Christmas Morning swim. The Christmas Day race for the 'Peter Pan Cup'

100yds Handicapped

ONLY members on the handicap list will be allowed to start.

100yd handicap race run as one race

Prizes presented by the Greenbury Family

9 a.m. Start

ONLY members on the offical list will be allowed to start.

Sponsor: Greenbury Family

Trophy: The Peter Pan Cup

2017L. Harling
2016V. Koch
2015P. Boyce
2014A. Mitchell
2013K. McIntyre
2012E. Hunte
2011N. Price
2010J. Reid
2009G. Duffield
2008L. Rendon
2007P. Cooper
2006S. Kelly
2005K. Murphy
2004E Hunte/G. Ranson
2003B. A. Lacy
2002N. Adams
2001N. Saxby
2000C. Wood
1999A. Titmuss
1998D. Kelly
1997G. Brodie
1996E. Carter
1995N. Adams
1994G. Brodie
1993J. Fahy
1992P. Larrad
1991N. Jones
1990A. Fuller
1989A. Titmuss
1988P. Larrad
1987M. Connor
1986G. Brutton
1985A. Gardener
1984D. Harper
1983M. McClarnon
1982B. Deeley
1981M. Olizar
1980A. Pandya
1979P. Saunders
1978A. Titmuss
1977R. Kelly
1976B. Thomas
1975R. Rhodes
1974A. Woodward
1973M. Skilton
1972A. Radford
1971P. Larrad
1970N. Smithers
1969A. Goffrey
1968F. Sims
1967A. Radford
1966L. Ault
1965S. Youlton
1964B. A. Lacy
1963A. Titmuss
1962E. Bennion
1961W. H. Evans
1960M. Vardy
1959G. Green
1958S. Richardson
1957C. P. Bryant
1956C. Bannister
1955W. F. Maggs
1954E. Bennion
1953S. Swain
1952A. Smith
1951T. Bisset
1950S. Baker
1949E. Nice
1948W. Sabey
1947G. Shepherd
1946A. J. Goffrey
1945F. C. Smith
1944C. Brewster
1943T. Bisset
1942W. E. Lacey
1941S. Youlton
1940S. Levy
1939R. M. Ferris
1938E. Jones
1937J. Parkes
1936J. Carmody
1935L. Fabre
1934C. P. Bryant
1933C. M. Reed
1932C. M. Fabian
1931L. Fabian
1930A. Stonyer
1929A. Greenbury
1928F. Heath
1927E. J. Edwards
1926G. Varley
1925G. Smith
1924J. Heath
1923A. Fry
1922H. B. Judd
1921T. Bradshaw
1920F. W. Maggs
1919E. A. Meech
1918F. Denman
1917N. Blundstone
1916C. Nimz
1915J. Gladwion
1914W. E. P. Bayly
1913G. Gyton
1912W.J. Holley
1911A. C. Fear
1910A. D. Johnson
1909J. K. Vogel
1908A. Davies
1907W. J. Mitchell
1906H. H. Clears
1905C. Carnell
1904J. Denty
1903R. J. Lobb
1902E. C. Montague
1901W. Adamson
1900W. J. Grosvenor
1899H. Wilson
1898E. Harrison
1897E. Hawkins
1896W. J. Grosvenor
1895F. W. Thompson
1894A. Perrin
1893G. S. Tucker
1892E. W. Stigger
1891F. E. Hunt
1890E. Pike
1889A. Hester
1888D. Ainsworth
1887J. Jones
1886C. Shepherd
1885C. W. Hackett/td>
1884W. Holiday
1883J. Adams
1882G. Tucker
1881D. Ainsworth
1880J. J. Delavanti
1879G. Webster
1878G. Tucker
1877A. Pearson
1876D. Ainsworth
1875G. Adams
1874J. Clark
1873T. Haslop
1872D. Ainsworth
1871A. Bullet
1870W. Coulter
1869T. Collins
1868H. Ward
1867J. Collard
1866C. Whyte
1865S. Bullet
1864H. Coulter