Lacy's Breaststroke race: Clary Reed Cup

220yds (200m) - Handicapped

Sponsor : Alan Lacy

President 1974 - 1976 & 1998 - 2000

Alan joined our club in 1948 and is our longest serving member.

For the millennium as President he presented medals to all members present that day. His knowledge of the club is unlimited.


Clary Reed joined the club in 1910.

He is one of the most important figures in the history of Serpentine Swimming Club.

He always kept things running smoothly even in the difficult times during WWI. In 1933 he became the clubs handicapper and when WWII broke out, the majority of our members were called up for duty. He was then left to take on the roles of the secretary & treasurer. He was determined that the club should survive. When the war ended the old members started to return and Clary's devotion was rewarded with the realisation of his ambition in getting the club back on to sound footings.

Clary was always cheerful and kind hearted and was an inspiration to all.

Clary passed in 1957.

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