The Mike Small Cup: Prizes: B. Deeley

40yds - Handicapped

Mike joined the club in the mid 90’s. He was a character with a wicked sense of humour - then again he had to be as he suffered an horrific motor cycle accident which left him disabled with a clubbed foot and only one arm. He never expected any favours from the handicapper…and never got any. Just before the race, he would struggle to put his rubber hat on. He would tell the onlookers - if you thought that was difficult, try putting a condom on with one hand.

He was always cheerful and joking which was his character.

Later Mike was diagnosed with cancer. He invited the secretary Alan Titmuss to his house and told him he had just one month to live and that he wanted to present a cup - It must have one handle and a dodgy base to be presented at a competition. Alan Titmuss asked Bill Phipps the clubs silver smith to make it. Alan Titmuss then presented it to Mike just a few days before he died.

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