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  • 17 Oct 2020

    Our race on Saturday would have been swum over 220 yards for in memory of Andrew and Ron Miller and Ron Hamill, three much-loved characters from not that long ago.  Norman and Lorraine Jones sponsor the race, providing "lucky-dip" prizes.

  • 10 Oct 2020

    Our race on Saturday 10 October would have been over 220 yards for the Sid & Gladys Stovold memorial cup, with prizes presented by Tory and Jonny Long.

    Sid was a national standard high diver and had been a member of the SSC for only five years when he sadly passed away far too early in 1962, aged 51.  Gladys continued to support the club and present the cup each autumn up to her passing in 2011.  Channel swimmer Tory Thorpe (now Mrs Long) has presented the prizes ever since.

  • 03 Oct 2020

    Last Saturday's race would have been for the Cyril & Yvonne Wood cup.  Cyril was handicapper in the early 2000s and introduced a "scientific" element to handicapping by using a tape recorder to log race progress in real-time.  Yvonne would swim before each Saturday's race, changing swiftly to then assist Cyril as a judge.  They were members of both the Serpentine and South London swimming clubs.  On Christmas morning Cyril would race in the Serpentine at nine o'clock, then move on to Tooting Bec to take part in their race at eleven.  Cyril was club President, 1995-98.  He won the Peter Pan Cup in 2000.

  • 01 Oct 2020

    Our cancelled race on Saturday 26 September would have been the All Clothes Race, with cup and prizes presented by John Sextone.  An All Clothes event has been part of the club's calendar going back to the 19th century, reflecting the club's Royal Humane Society origins.  For many this is the club's third blue ribbon event of the calendar.  Never has the phrase "it's not the winning but the taking part that counts" been so true.  Winning is optional but nice; finishing compulsory.