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  • 31 Dec 2022

    Two and a bit races?  Two full races, then time made for starter Hunter-Coddington, and stragglers Bowman and Harris.

  • 25 Dec 2022

    A hard slog for Katie, who started 1 minute and 49 seconds after the first swimmer.  Last week's ice had cleared, but the 100 yard (91m) distance was a chilly, stength sapping 4.8c.  The dozens and dozens of swimmers in front of her were also quite an obstalce.

  • 20 Dec 2022

    The final start list for the Christmas Day race 2022 is published below. Only the pre-qualified swimmers named on the list will be allowed to race.

    As always, the race will start at 9 am sharp. If you wish to view the race, please try and arrive by 08:30 as, judging by recent years, the bankside tends to be full of spectators.

    Thank you.

  • 17 Dec 2022

    Nicola first in the "points mean prizes" stakes to scoop the Bernard Fettes cup for the Winter series.  Ice meant no races today, but competitors still received 2 points for a shoulders submerged dip in the ice.

    Hon. Handicapper Dani Lobo presented his annual "most competitive swimmer" (or should that read most combative swimmer?) award to Natasha Wake.

    James Norton presented Michael Cullen (aka SpeedoMick) with a cup for "an unherralded behind the scenes contribution".