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  • 11 Sep 2021

    No fixture for the second week running meant no biathlon for the second year running.

    So here are some past memories and background.

  • 10 Sep 2021

    On Saturday 18th September we must race within the white buoyed area of the Lido.  This is due to the SwimSerpentine event that will be taking place at the lake.  The first of their many swims will commence at 08.15.

    Being swum over 110 yards (100m) our All Clothes Race will fit neatly with arrangements for the lake on the morning.  It will also provide some amusing light relief to any unsuspecting spectators there to watch the SwimSerpentine event that starts on the opposite side of the lake.  The All Clothes Race will commence 8 o'clock sharp.

    The Mario McClarnon 440 yard (400m) race will switch to Saturday 25th September.

  • 04 Sep 2021

    The Dusty Rhodes Bowl was the first in "the race we missed" website series during the Covid suspension of our fixture calendar.  Though fixtures were suspended in March 2020, these catch-up reports did not start until September.  It is thus ironic that 12 months later the fixture was again cancelled, this time due to water quality caused by the algae bloom.

    Here are a few memories of one of the club's many "characters" that have adorned our ranks over the decades.  Dusty -  WW2 submariner, Brentford docks stevedore and penny farthing rider.  He also found time to enter Masters' swimming events.

  • 01 Sep 2021

    The club's second oldest racer Hayden Turner won the 110 yard dash for the Veterans' cup, with Nichola Sanderson victorious in the second race -  a gentle 440 yards (400m) for the George Brutton cup.  The Veterans' race is normally the curtain-raiser for the Alan Titmuss race in May.  Due to Covid 19 restrictions in place at the time the race was postponed and rescheduled for last Saturday.

    As it happens, both trophies pre-date Hayden by one year, being first presented in 1935.  Brew Brothers Ltd, a Kensington car dealership, presented this Veterans' cup in 1935 and has been raced-for ever since.  1935 saw charming Frenchman Louis Farbe present the cup that has been used for the George Brutton race since 1991.  Louis' cup was competed for over four midweek races during the year 1935 and retained by the winner.   Fifty odd years later the cup came back into the club and was utilised for George's event.

    Some interesting history here.  Louis Farbe joined the club in the 1920s and was a multi-discipline endurance event world record holder in 1949.  In the late 1960s Louis made an appearance on the BBC's prime-time TV chat show, "Dee-time".