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  • 07 Sep 2019

    It was another one of those splendid mornings that Serpentine swimmers are fond of, blue skies and cooling Autumnal waters and a meeting with our good neighbours, the Serpentine Running Club. At stake was who was the best runner and swimmer of the two clubs. 

    As it happened, Serpentine SC’s Tom Elliott and Fran Lou proved to be the best, as they were individual winners of the club’s biathlon on Saturday 7 September. The annual biathlon, co-hosted with Serpentine running club, provides a chance for members of either club to prove who is the best runner and swimmer combined.

  • 06 Sep 2019

    Looking great at 80

  • 31 Aug 2019

    Katie won the 440 yard race for the George Brutton Cup in glorious late summer sunshine. Nick H was second and Vanessa M third.

  • 27 Aug 2019

    Alex Fordyce, a Serpentine Swimming Club member, started his heroic solo swim across the English Channel on Tuesday 27 August, from England to France.

    He dove into English waters at 07:29 from Shakespeare Beach, and was escorted by 'Gallivant' piloted by Mike Oram.

    After 15 hours and 51 minutes of swimming, an elated Alex walked up the beach in France.