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    Saturday 6 February would have seen the final heats of the Mike Small cup series with prizes presented by Bill Deeley and family.  The post-Christmas winter series (optimistically referred-to by some as the Spring series) was introduced into the race calendar in 1968.  Prior to then racing finished on Christmas morning and did not recommence until late March/Easter.  The cup is swum-for over a series of 40-yard races from the end of December until the beginning of February.

    Mike Small is another of the club's great characters from the past.  Mike had a horrific motorcycle accident in his youth which left him with one arm, a club foot and in continuous pain.  Mike viewed this as a hindrance, not a disability.  His wicked sense of humour never left him and is reflected in the shape of the Mike Small cup adapted to his specifications by club silversmith Bill Phipps:  half an arm and a wonky base.

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