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  • 16 Oct 2021

    Jeremy Newton breaststroked to glory to win the Clary Reed cup, swum in memory of both Clary Reed and Alan Lacy.  The delightful Lacy daughters and granddaughters were all lakeside to watch the race and present the cup and prizes.

    Apparently not everyone realised it was a breaststroke race and "one or two" people were disqualified.  Not that anyone complained and, as usual, swimming fun was had by all.

  • 09 Oct 2021

    Tory and Jonny Long (and Archie) were with us to present the Stovold cup and prizes.

    Mike Olizar, first in and first out, was victorious.  Very fitting as Mike always asks very loudly "did I win?" at the end of each race, irrespective of how many swimmers were in front.  Tony Schiemann and Anita Goyos achieved second and third place.

    Mike Olizar -  a man of letters and a man of The Times (read on to discover why).

    Memories of an international class high diver, musings on Tory and Jonny, plus some information on previous Serpentine eating establishments.

  • 02 Oct 2021

    Debs Byatt powered through to win her first silverware with the club.  Paddy was on hand with his usual tasty prizes.

    This race celebrates a past president and handicapper and the ever present Yvonne.  They both contributed much to the club and continued our strong relationship with the South London SC at Tooting Bec.

  • 25 Sep 2021

    The race resulted in the first silverware for Sally Stott.  Second and third place went to Mike Barron and Alan Mitchell.  Mario's daughter Anna presented the prizes, accompanied by brother Marcel and Mario's grandchildren.

    Mario graced the Serpentine Swimming Club from the early 1960s for over forty years.  A naturally gifted musician, Mario piped the Christmas Day swimmers onto the board for many decades.  A true gent and great friend to all that had the honour to swim in his company.  Mario -  1932 - 2007.