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  • 27 May 2023

    Hats off to the handicapping team for a morning of competitive fun.

    Victory in an event going back 92 years went to team captain Nick Hungerford and his crew -  Simone Piccoli, Brad Fultz and Blyda Hefer.

    The morning was completed with cake and candles for Lorraine Jones.

  • 20 May 2023

    A race celebrating the contribution to the club of Alan Titmuss, who joined in 1950 aged 13.  There was also a blue and white hooped theme from club members that shared Alan's devotion to Queens Park Rangers.

    A large turnout from four generations of the family saw Paulette Titmuss present the Titmuss cup to Callum Higgins.  Though having appeared in prize positions, this was Callum's first first place.

    The race was preceded by the Veterans' cup, for those of us of a certain vintage.  Andrew Fuller (joined 1985) backstroked to victory.

  • 13 May 2023

    A race in memory of a lovely, weightlifting character from Bethnal Green.

    The prizes were provided by Ron's great Serpentine friends Kirsty Neilson and Mary Olivary.  Kirsty was away, but the always effortlessly elegant Mary was on hand to present the Ron (the Con) Whittam Power Cup to winner Debs Byatt.

    Why the "Power cup"?  Ron was a power lifter.  He continued to compete into his eighties.

    Why "the Con"?  Don't ask!

    Why is Mary Olivary "always effortlessly elegant"?  She just is.

  • 06 May 2023

    Paul Daniels stormed to the front of the procession to be crowned swimming head of state for the morning.

    Eric Carter presented a cup in memory of D-day veteran Doug Smith -  a leading figure at the South London Swimming Club who swam with the Serpentine Swimming Club from 1956 until his premature death in 1967.  During his time with us Doug strengthened the already close ties between the two clubs and contributed greatly to the 1964 club centenary book, "Breaking the Ice".